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Signs Your Fixtures Weren’t Properly Installed

You go to get a drink of water but when you turn on the faucet, what you see is nothing you would ever drink. Or, maybe you step into the shower after a long day only to find that there is not much water pressure. If you’ve experienced either of these situations, your plumbing fixtures may be the cause. You’d think that having faulty plumbing fixtures is due to something like age or a clog. However, it’s also possible that they weren’t installed correctly. Here are signs that your plumbing fixtures weren’t properly installed and how a plumber in Vancouver can assist you. They Are Inefficient When your plumbing system is not working properly, it won’t take long to find out. An inefficient plumbing system can take on many forms. From having low water pressure to a slow drain, both situations are clear indicators of an issue. In fact, these

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Keeping your drains and pipes cleaned is important for the health of your plumbing system. At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, we like to stress the importance of keeping your plumbing system clog-free. Today, we’re going to discuss the benefits of hydro jetting for homeowners that have a blocked pipe or clogged drain in North Vancouver. One of the Most Effective Cleaning Methods Among the best things about hydro jetting is that it is one of the most effective drain cleaning methods for homeowners. In fact, many homeowners prefer to call a plumber in North Vancouver for hydro jetting services if they have a serious clog. This is because this process uses a high-pressure hose to blast water through the plumbing system. This high pressure allows debris and other kinds of buildup to quickly be removed from the pipes, ensuring effective results. If you are looking for an effective way

Garburators: Pros and Cons

Garburators have become a common part of life in many Vancouver homes, so much so that the question of whether they’re really necessary probably doesn’t come up all that often. While they do represent convenience and serve as a valid utility, they have their pros and cons. At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, a plumber in West Vancouver from our team can provide some insight into how these home appliances work. The Main Pros Let’s take a look first at the pros of choosing to install a disposal unit: Convenience – Garburators make dishwashing simpler. Processing food scraps with the disposal unit ensures convenience. Simple and Quiet – They’re remarkably quiet and run with a single switch. Less Household Refuse – Disposal units are one of the cleanest methods of waste removal. Fewer scraps in the bin mean having less trash sitting around and creating foul odors. A Few Cons

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