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Garburators have become a common part of life in many Vancouver homes, so much so that the question of whether they’re really necessary probably doesn’t come up all that often. While they do represent convenience and serve as a valid utility, they have their pros and cons. At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, a plumber in West Vancouver from our team can provide some insight into how these home appliances work.

The Main Pros

Let’s take a look first at the pros of choosing to install a disposal unit:

  • Convenience – Garburators make dishwashing simpler. Processing food scraps with the disposal unit ensures convenience.
  • Simple and Quiet – They’re remarkably quiet and run with a single switch.
  • Less Household Refuse – Disposal units are one of the cleanest methods of waste removal. Fewer scraps in the bin mean having less trash sitting around and creating foul odors.

A Few Cons

There are also reasons a disposal unit might not be the preferred option:

  • They Can Clog – Garburators can’t take any kind of food. Asparagus, celery, or other fibrous foods get wrapped up in the blades. Potatoes and rice create gum with exposure to water. Grease will essentially freeze in place and cause a jam and result in needing a few plumbing repairs.
  • Smells – Even though disposal units keep refuse out of the house, food can still stick to the blades and start a smell. Baking soda or citrus will help with this.
  • Waste – Garburators need to be rinsed after every use to flush out material. That’s water down the drain for the single purpose of clearing the unit of scraps and food that might serve better as a compost.

Consult With a Vancouver-Area Expert

Garbage disposal units are a useful and clean way of letting the drain and water take care of food waste. If you’re uncertain about whether a garburator is the best option for your home, the experts at Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, your trusted plumbing company in West Vancouver, will be able to consult with you and discuss the pros and cons of having one. 

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