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Drain Inspection in Vancouver, BC

Drains do an important job, but only when they are functioning correctly. One way to make sure your plumbing is working as intended is to call the trusted plumber in Vancouver, BC from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing to perform a drain inspection Vancouver, BC. We offer a wide range of plumbing inspection and sewer camera inspection services designed to help detect and correct potential issues sooner rather than later.

Common Drain Issues

A common reason to arrange for a drain or plumbing inspection Vancouver, BC, and nearby areas is because of the sink, bathtub, or shower drains that frequently clog. Other common drain issues you may experience include:

  • Backups or overflows: If an individual drain is affected, the problem could within one specific drain. However, backups in multiple drains could be related to your sewer pipes.
  • Slow drains: Slow drains typically are a sign that you are in the early stages of experiencing a potentially serious plumbing problem. Mineral or grease buildup and improper grading are possible reasons why drains may be slow.
  • Bad odors: Foul odors coming up from your drains typically indicate that water isn’t fully going down. A sewer inspection may also be warranted when you are dealing with bad odors since sewer issues often produce strong smells.
  • Water flooding: Sewer drain issues can also contribute to flooding, especially with basement and floor drains. If not take care of, flooding can contribute to potential health issues along with damage to your belongings or appliances.

Signs to Keep an Eye On

It’s advisable to contact Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing and arrange for a plumbing inspection. This involves looking inside your drains to check the reason behind recurring backups. Other signs to keep an eye on including strange odors coming from your drains and drains that are getting progressively slower each time there is a need to release water from a sink, tub, or shower. This also applies to drains you may have in your garage or outside of your Vancouver home.

Drain Inspection from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing

When our trained technicians perform a drain or pipe inspection, we only use the highest quality tools in the industry. One of these is a specially designed camera that is fed into your drains. Images can be viewed in real-time as the camera is inserted to spot issues such as clogs, built-up sediment and minerals, cracks, and other problems.

During a sewer inspection, we also use a non-intrusive sewer camera. It’s inserted through a small hole called a cleanout. The results from an inspection of your sewer pipes can help us identify corrosion, accumulated debris, tree roots, and other issues.

We specialize in a wide range of inspection services, including:

  • Sewer Camera Inspection Vancouver, BC
  • Pipe Camera Inspection Vancouver, BC
  • Sewer Video Inspection Vancouver, BC

Benefits of Having Your Drains Inspected

Given the way we do our inspections, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary digging and other more invasive diagnostic techniques. Plus, the results from a pipe inspection allow us to offer solutions that address the full scope of the problem. You’ll also get the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on with your pipes and drains right now so you don’t get surprised later.

Contact Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing

Whether you need a pipe inspection to find a source of stubborn clogs or for preventative maintenance purposes, you’ll find a plumber in Vancouver, BC, ready to tackle the job when you call on Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing. Give us a call today or contact us online for more information on our drain and sewer camera inspection services.

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