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Quality Plumbing Service in Toronto

At GotDrains, we offer solutions for all sorts of problems regarding plumbing and draining systems that a resident of Toronto might encounter. If your home is facing any problem related to burst pipe, hot water issue, flooded basement, or any other issue, you can call on our experienced plumbers and drain cleaning experts in Toronto, and we’ll be at your doorstep in the scheduled time.  The services we provide are given below in detail. 

Reliable Service if you have a Burst Pipe or a Flooding Problem:

If your water or drainage system is clogged, it can often lead to burst pipes. Moreover, if the pipes aren’t made of high-quality materials, they are very brittle and get damaged often. If you are smelling stench or a bad odor, hearing noises coming from pipes, facing flooding, there’s a big chance that you have a burst pipe in your home. 

Other than these, you can also detect burst pipes by checking whether you have no or lesser water supply than average in the appliances of your home, if the water pressure is far lower than usual, or if there are water spots on the walls or the floor. 

Burst pipes lead to extreme cases where the entire water flow of your home will be disrupted, the water might get contaminated, or some floors can even get flooded. That’s why it’s imperative to look after burst pipes as soon as you can detect the signs.

If you can detect burst pipes in your home, just call for our experienced team, and they’ll be on the spot at the decided time. Once they get the approval, they’ll set out to detect the root cause that caused the problem. Sometimes, the problem might not be just the burst pipe, but a clogged system that will cause other pipes to burst from time to time. 

In such cases, fixing the pipe won’t solve the problem, but the unclogging the system will. Our experienced plumbers and drain cleaning experts will see to it that the root problem is detected and taken care of.

Basement Flooding:

Basement flooding is a common problem in many homes in Toronto. There are still homes that don’t come with advanced drainage systems. That’s why, even if the flooding is fixed, it will occur multiple times after that, until the main problem is fixed. 

Our experienced plumbers and drain cleaning experts in Toronto can provide multiple solutions that can help you get rid of the flooding problem for good. Here are some of the solutions they can provide.

Installation of Sump Pump:

Sometimes, the water isn’t coming from the sewers or any burst pipe, but it’s coming from underground. After heavy rain, some water accumulates under many houses, and under certain conditions, the water rises above or tries to do so. Sometimes, this water can seep through the ceramic tiles of your basement and will flood your basement. In such cases, the water doesn’t smell foul, but the things in your basement will be damaged. 

To avoid this, a sump pump can be installed. Sump pumps can remove the water from under your house, which will prevent any accumulation. If you use a sump pump, your house won’t get flooded from such problems anymore. 

Our experienced plumbers can install a sump pump under your home for an affordable price.

Installation of Backwater Valve:

Sometimes after excessive rain, the sewers of the city get flooded with water. We all know that the sewer system of our home is connected to the system of the city. In this case, the water from the city flows backward, into our home. 

This not only floods our home, but it fills our home with an awful stench, as that water is from the sewers. This can be fixed by installing a backwater valve in our home. 

The backwater valve doesn’t allow the water to flow backward, preventing flooding in the internal water system of our home. Our experienced plumbers can install a backwater valve in your home in a short time.

Using Waterproof Wrapping:

As we’ve said before, water often accumulates under your home. Although this water doesn’t always rise, it can still harm the foundation of your home, which is very detrimental to the entire infrastructure of your home.

If you want to protect the walls of your basement from any water, you can call on our experienced plumbers, and they will wrap the outer walls of your home with waterproof material. This will prevent any water from touching them in the first place. 

Repairing Laterals:

Sometimes, the main water line to your house might crack or burst and flood your basement. In such cases, the mainline must either be repaired or replaced. Our plumbers can do both! If you can detect damaged water main, call our experienced workers, and they’ll replace the main pipe in no time.


Hot Water Heater, Pressure Reducing Valve:

Our reliable plumbers will be repairing, replacing, or installing water heaters and pressure reducing valves if necessary. It doesn’t matter whether the heater is run by electricity or gas; our team will detect the problem and provide a permanent solution. 

Water pressure issues can be frustrating too. If you’re facing such problems, our experts can detect the problem and install the appropriate valve to reduce the pressure. 

High-tech Equipment:

Our plumbers and drain cleaners are equipped with the best, modern tools that enable them to fix your problems without making unnecessary noise. Although some job requires noisy procedure, such as excavations, we understand how disruptive that can be, and try to avoid these at all costs.

Contact GotDrains Today:

No matter what sort of problem you’re facing, if it’s related to the water system and drainage system, our experienced plumbers and drains cleaning experts can look after that and provide permanent solutions.

If you’re facing any problem regarding the water system in your property, contact GotDrains today to know about the probable solutions, and to call on the experts for fixing that for you!



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